Media Observations – Connecting the Human Race through Pinterest

Who sees a delicious hamburger and instead of biting into it, says, “Quick, grab my camera!”

Pinterest users.  That’s who.

Pinterest is a remarkable tool, and also a great site to find stuff that is just cool.  It is also, for many, an obsessive-compulsive waste of time.  The convenience with which images can be shared and collected is incredible.  When applied to certain tasks, such as art collections, template examples, or advertising ideas, it can help further one’s career.  When used to promote beautiful photography and images from other cultures, it can be inspiring.  When used for the awesome, huge, cheesy burger I just bought for $9.99, or for celebrity-obsessed fandoms, or for misquoting Einstein/Will Smith/Gandalf the Wizard, it’s a little silly.

There is another advantage to Pinterest and other image boards or services (see Reddit, Imgur, Snapchat), however, that encompasses all of the above-mentioned pros and cons.  We can share anything, from anywhere we are (cell-service permitting), for any reason at all, often just because it tickled our cornea just right.  It reflects what the general public (at least within the demographic that uses it) sees, and wants to see more of.  It shows others what matters to us about where we are.  It connects us visually.

What does the world care about, given what we see on the image hosting or image sharing sites of the internet?  If we take these images as an indication, what matters to our society most?

Apparently, new hairdos, Sherlock, and Oreo dessert recipes.


One thought on “Media Observations – Connecting the Human Race through Pinterest

  1. I like to use Pinterest as a starting point for my senior casual photo sessions. I ask the kids to gather ideas for their session on Pinterest, then share them with me. This helps me prepare for their session and make it more personal. Oh, and I like Pinterest for the Oreo dessert recipes too!

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