Media Observations – The Miracle of Podcasts

You know what’s great?  Choice.  Choice is great.

Choice is one of the greatest advantages we gain when using podcasts as a media intake.  While other media sources, such as television and most sites on the internet, tend to ram their messages through our eyes and ears whether we like it or not once we’ve subscribed to certain services, podcasts are a means of receiving information that is entirely elective, and even requires some degree of proactivity.  On top of this, podcasts offer a flexibility and convenience that is difficult to replicate in other sources of media.

I’ll summarize why podcasts have me all excited.  Let’s look at some practical reasons why they’re a great way to educate yourself:

  1. They can be downloaded from a variety of sources (iOS app, Beyondpod, Podcatcher), intended to satisfy nearly any media platform you own (ex. iPhone, Android, PC, Roku).  It’s up to you.
  2. They can be either broad or specific in the subject material covered in them.  Once again, you choose.
  3. The subject matter can be tailored to exactly the information you want to know from the people you want to know it from, depending on what media niche you’re looking for (which is, of course, up to you).
  4. They can be listened to anywhere, at any time, whenever is most convenient to you.
  5. You only get what you want out of them. They can be left alone if unwanted, and readily absorbed if desired.

I wonder what would happen if more media source elected to travel the path of the podcast, letting us explicitly choose whether or not we want to take them in.  What types of entertainment would die out?  What would flourish or thrive?


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