Media Observations – The Versatility of Music

I’m definitely not an unbiased media guy. If I have a favorite type of media, it’s music.

Why is that? Music can move and inspire us, motivate or calm us, cause us to meditate or force us outside of ourselves. Or, it can do none of that whatsoever.

Music can be hot or cold media (see Passive Versus Aggressive Entertainment). It just depends on the genre, on the artist, and, in the age of electronic music media devices, on the preferences of the listener.
To me, though, it’s a beautiful thing that music can be used to feel powerful emotion, or simply carry the background of any given event.  The music I listen to when I am alone, thinking about life, the universe, and everything, is not the same as the music I put on at a party, and that music is not usually the same music I could use at a dance. It is certainly not the same as the music I put on when I write blog posts.

The reasons for this are fairly plain to see.  Apart from the type of music chosen for any given activity or event, music as a type of media  can be influenced by many influences outside of the actual music itself.
The volume leaves it in the background or the foreground. It can be played on headphones to accompany you while you work or play, or on speakers to fill your living space, or with a music video to become the center of your attention. It can be communicated through a variety of devices that are tailored to the way you want to listen to it.   It can be the inspiring focus of a few minutes or the soundtrack of your life.

How do you use music in your life?


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