Project 1 – Flier


  • Description: This is project #1 from my Visual Media (Comm 130) class at BYU-Idaho.  The project was essentially to learn to use InDesign to create a flier for a fictitious client, Vouant Communications.  I was expected to follow the design principles presented in the Visual FOCUS text, by Caryn Esplin.
  • Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I began by formulating an idea as to my audience and the message I wanted to send them, which I will detail later.
    The next step was to make some basic sketches to flesh out a few basic ideas for where to position certain shapes and how to lay out the images I had been provided with.
    Scan (2)
    As you may notice, none of these sketches precisely matches the finished product. However, elements from several, specifically the upper two, are readily visible in the final design. I originally thought the sketch on the bottom right would be my best option, but as I tried to put it together, I just felt more inclined toward the first design.  As soon as I started it just made more sense.
    The only program used to create the flier was InDesign.  As my experience with most Adobe products is extremely limited, I spent a great deal of time simply learning to effectively manipulate the different tools and features of the program.  The main tools used for the final draft were the rectangle tool and all of the text-manipulation features, mainly tracking and leading.  There was not much need for specific kerning manipulation here.
    The boxes at the top were made by thickening the stroke of one rectangle to create the black outside layer, and then simply placing a gray rectangle to fill the middle.  The line under the title was created in a similar way.
    The proximity and open white space areas are designed to allow a reader’s gaze to flow from “Graduate” in the title, to the body copy (main text) to the side of the primary image, the photo serving to orient the eyes back toward the more important text.  The nearer to the bottom a reader gets, the easier it is to lose focus, so I made the text nearer the bottom easier to notice by reversing the date-time-place section and bolding the registration info.
    Constrast between the black and white values lends itself well to both attracting attention and further directing the visual flow of the flier.
  • Message: The message is intended to appeal to the kind of students who would graduate with a business-related degree. Therefore, it is meant to present the client as a professional, who will not waste their time and education.  They spent a great deal of their life and their money on this degree, and Vouant needs to seem like someone who can help them put all their hard work to good use. Thus, I chose to forego anything that distracted from that, trying to make it clear that the conference is meant for young professionals by keeping the flier elegant but solid. The image chosen was meant to embody, to some extent, what many young professionals want to be: capable, confident, serious about their work.
  • Audience: The intended audience is, of course, those who have recently or will soon graduate from a four-year university or grad school, specifically with a business or business-related degree. They are likely motivated individuals who prefer professionalism and efficacy over frills and fun, at least in terms of their work, and they are also likely young, positive, and either single or young marrieds/parents, hopeful to rapidly get ahead in the business world.
  • Top Thing Learned: The primary lesson learned here was how to effectively simplify a project through the suggestions that come from others. My first draft had too many elements competing for attention and taking up each others’ space or just sitting there without a clear purpose, and it showed in that the group that critiqued it didn’t quite know what to say. Alternatively, I learned that using gradients is not generally a good idea, making a project look tacky or amateur.
  • Title Font Name & Category: Dagny Pro.  Despite some slab serif-y looking extensions, this is technically a sans serif font.
  • Copy Font Name & Category: Kepler Std.  This one is categorized as a modern font on, and while it has some hints to modern typefaces, it is also described as a sort of hybrid between Oldstyle and Modern. I didn’t find its modern characteristics too distracting to the legibility, instead adding an intellectual feel to an otherwise humanistic font.
  • Links to images used in this project: Young Businesswoman
    Vouant Logo

4 thoughts on “Project 1 – Flier

  1. Well done! I really like the layout of the flier. The leading was a nice touch; it did well to make the title stand out a little more and for the logo, it helped it feel more attached. The asymmetry was also well used, it’s simple yet enough to make it interesting. Also, I thought it was excellently done how you used the black box not only as a design piece, but also to help draw attention to the date, time, and location. With that, I also thought it was good how you set aside and increased the weight of the registration information. Again, a well done piece of work!

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