Project 2: Event Ad – Save the Dragons

Event Ad Project - WordPress

  • Description: An advertisement for a local fictitious fundraiser, made in Microsoft Word.
  • Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): In this case, because I had to find an image to use and the event itself was fictitious, it was much more a process of finding inspiration for both event and advertisement. The entire advertisement was made in Microsoft Word (one key condition for the assignment), with no sketching and little planning beforehand, though it did go through various drafts. The shape tools, and the color dropper were the primary tools used, and the image has a brush-strokes filter on it. This was less structured and more on the fly than the last project, and while I don’t advocate flying by the seat of one’s pants, it worked out OK this time.
  • Message: The message is that we can make a difference for our draconic friends. I wanted to make it seem solid and no-nonsense on the upper section, with almost military colors, and then have the event details grab the reader’s attention below.
  • Audience: The intended audience was the type of person who is both interested in helping the environment, and willing to go out in it and live there for a while. Thus the adventurous, bolder colors and solid fonts, with a calm, collected, thoughtful backpacker/outdoor adventurer in his natural habitat for the image.
  • Color scheme and color names: The color scheme is tetradic. It uses two sets of complimentary colors, red/green in the title area, and orange/blue in the body copy area. I tried to match the red and green on top to the hiker’s clothing, to unify that section more.
  • Top Thing Learned: Avoid tangents by leaving a little extra space around everything. It’s easy to leave three sides open but cramp the fourth. Things usually print much darker than expected.
  • Title Font Name & Category: Stencil Std – This font seems to take a basic modern style font and make it decorative and militaristic.
  • Copy Font Name & Category: Apple Symbols – This sans-serif font seemed a clear and sensible contrast to the heavy title font, useful for explaining the content of the body copy.
  • Scanned images used, sources, original sizes, location of scanner used: The image is from the inside of the front cover of Backpacker magazine, March 2013 issue. The original scan covered a 5.91in. x 5.85in. portion of the page. The scanner was an Epson Perfection V300 Photo, found in the library computer lab.

3 thoughts on “Project 2: Event Ad – Save the Dragons

  1. Great Job Stuart! Your flier caught my attention quickly! I love the transparent diagonal rectangle you use as a main focal point for your design-that part reminds me of a boy scout belt, I like it! Also, the photo you used, is excellent! I like how you separated your text into two paragraphs-that helps the reader feel like you’re not screaming at them, which is a nice touch 🙂 Good job again!

    Here is a link to another one of our fellow student’s blogs!

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