Project 3 – Photodesign

Remember to Breathe JPEG - Stuart Mayo

  • Description: This was my first foray into Photoshop’s design tools. I took a photo from the earlier photography activity and used it in a design entirely of my choosing.
  • Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): Photoshop was exclusively used. No other programs came into play here. While most of the design relies on varying rectangle types in varying levels of opacity, the word “breathe” was double layered with itself, the background layer being blurred and made less opaque.
  • Message: The color scheme was chosen to be soothing but also attention grabbing. The heavy blues, rather than making the design seem cold, make it tranquil. The photo was of some modern dancers I met in a skywalk on campus, and they let me take a picture of them while posing/stretching. It seemed an appropriate choice.
  • Audience: The message is intended for dancers and other artistic athletes. While their art and career can be very stressful at times, it is crucial that they not rush, but rather take the time to stretch and breathe.
  • Top Thing Learned: That Photoshop can indeed be useful for more than editing photos. Also, I learned some useful techniques (alongside the blur filter) for editing text and giving it special effects.
  • Color scheme and color names: The color scheme is complimentary, using blue and orange. 
  • Title Font Name & Category:Tahoma
  • Copy Font Name & Category:Tahoma
  • Thumbnail of original, unedited image inserted: IMG_2931
  • Date and location you took the photo(s): February 5th, in the skywalk between the I-Center and the Hart Building.

One thought on “Project 3 – Photodesign

  1. I think you did a really great job of conveying a motivational calming feel. I like how you emphasized the word “breathe” and how you put some soft shadow behind it. It adds to the calming effect. I also like the different alignment with the color pallets and the contrast with the black and white text and also the different colors of blue really pulls it all together. Great job!

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