Media Observations – Where do we put our ads?

Answer: Not on Hulu.

Another answer: Youtube. But only sometimes.

Yet another one still: At the point where your consumer is going to want the product anyway.

Why? Because you can push an ad at a consumer, but you can’t make him pay attention. If you pull the consumer to the ad by making it noteworthy and entertaining, then you get the consumer to take it in willingly. So put it somewhere publicly available, and make it really good, and share it through real people who think it’s hilarious/entertaining/inspiring/emotional.

Broadcast advertising is good for getting you to think about a product, but if the ad is too invasive or annoying, or simply doesn’t relate to the audience, then your reaction will likely be negative. Hulu is a great example of this. They pretend to customize your ad experience, and then repeat the same non-relevant ad to you over and over again, for however many commercial breaks there are in the program. If you say the ad wasn’t relevant to you, then they give you another option for an equally non-relevant ad.

This kind of thing can actually have a negative effect on sales. If you start to hate the ads, you’re going to start hating the company that is expertly portrayed in them.

That’s why the industry is starting to try to incorporate pull advertising more than ever. Phenomenally well-produced pieces of video that coincidentally advertise the product you want to sell are often more effective for getting a positive image onto your brand than an entire ad campaign broadcasted to people who don’t care.

The trick is getting ads to you right when you would otherwise be interested in what they’re selling. Is it lunchtime and you’re out of the house? How about a push notification to your phone, based on the restaurants you’ve checked into recently, showing you where you can get the food your phone already knows you like? Are you looking for a job? Why not receive notifications as your phone passes by businesses that are hiring? Is that billboard interesting to you? Why not give it a WiFi transmitter to send your phone more information? With some GPS and map manipulation, these things could become reality very quickly, and in some cases already are.

Does this seem practical to you? How soon do you think the ad industry could make this happen, and who would they have to team up with?


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