Media Observations – Youtube, the Great Distributor

“Those cats are hilarious. They deserve their own site.”

And so Youtube was created.

Youtube is possibly the most flexible, powerful internet tool for sharing media that exists today. There are few other places on the web where you can find a bigger variety of video and audio media content.

There’s no limit to the site, other than their rules for content and certain copyright restrictions. Anyone can make a free account, and post as much content as they want.

While the logistics of Youtube’s bandwidth issues and buffering speeds are worth another post altogether, the site remains a leader in the online community.

The reasons for this are pretty clear. If you want to distribute your content for free, in a format that’s compatible with almost everything online, then Youtube is your best friend. Because of this, some people with low production costs for their content make quite a bit of money through Youtube, not necessarily from the views on their videos (though Youtube’s ads can generate some income from that), but from popularity and sales of their other merchandise that people appreciate due to their Youtube fame.

Then again, if money is not your goal, Youtube is still free. It is commonly used for scholastic and casual purposes, providing instructional and tutorial videos (and the ones of your friend doing his awkward dance at the party) for anyone who wants them.

What do you like most about Youtube? Cat videos or not, leave it in the comments.


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