Project 8 – Brochure



First Flap on Opening






  • Video Showcase –
    This video shows how the brochure fits together, and will demonstrate the decisions I made in the design of it.
  • Description: This project was a brochure for a fictitious audio/video production team, Choice Communications, which I made up. The emphasis here was on the mechanics of brochure design, and on creating an effective design within the shape of a brochure. As this is my first time designing a brochure, I decided to stick to a basic trifold design, focusing instead on other design principles.
  • Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): Adobe InDesign was used to organize all the elements once they were created, and for managing all text within the document, as well as for creating basic shapes (rectangles, circles, etc.). Adobe Illustrator was used for designing the company logo, which was created by simply tracing a specific style of microphone. Adobe Photoshop was used to mask the image of the theater and put the logo onstage. The whole thing went through numerous revisions, the first looking dramatically different from this final version. The logo design was difficult to narrow down, but I finally arrived at a sufficiently minimal and communicative design.
  • Message: The message I intended to portray was that of creativity and professionalism, working together to get the client’s message out.
  • Audience: The audience is the local or national business owner, looking for a way to market his or her product.
  • Top Thing Learned: I learned the value of revision. This product went through more drafts than any other, and I’m grateful it had quote a lot of critique. The final product looks absolutely nothing like the rough drafts.
  • Color scheme and color names: The color scheme is Triadic, using lime, indigo, and brick colors.
  • Title Font Name & Category: The title font is Museo Sans 300pt, a professional Sans Serif font.
  • Copy Font Name & Category: The copy font is also Museo Sans, 100pt, a Sans Serif font.
  • Word Count: The body copy consists of 260 words.
  • Thumbnails of Images used:
     Video Production Recording Video Production Equipment Recording Artist in the Studio Theater Interior

2 thoughts on “Project 8 – Brochure

  1. This is a nice piece of work! The border is a nice touch, adding color but not being distracting. Also, the fading you did on the image is great. The variation of text size in your center panel really grabs attention. The color choices help bring a liveliness to the brochure, which is a good touch.
    Check out this other brochure design, it uses color well too.

  2. Nice color scheme I like how the color flows with the pictures so they fit in with the design. I love the Logo because you have the white shadow effect with the micro phone.I also like the message goes along with the pictures. The message gets out especially with the picture of the stage and how it expands with the circle. It makes it feel like you want people to expand their message. Here is another great Brochure .

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