Project 9 – Design Portfolio

    • Portfolio (
    • Project Corrections / Time spent: 4 1/2 hours.My revisions to my various projects included completely redoing the brochure project, which I felt was completely subpar after submitting my final draft. I changed everything about it except for the images used, though I even clipped those, and some of the header text. I moved to a monochromatic red color scheme with gray highlights. The flow and feel and form of the brochure was much better the second time around, I felt. Creating a whole new brochure took much less time than creating the original, ironically enough, and the new creation took shape in about 3 hours, clipping included.I also made revisions to my photo design project, adding some more opaque shapes to make the existing ones feel less “tacked-on,” and better unify the image while also adding some color contrast. This took me about ½ hour.In my HTML/CSS project, I changed the background to a skyscraper window repeating texture, and fixed some issues with tangents that had appeared due to poorly-done rounded edges. This took another hour or so, due to experimentation with text-boxes and other elements that I ended up not using.
    • Message: Simple creative capacity, as well as solidarity, are the message, as I have tried to reflect my own abilities accurately. As such, I chose to ignore the “rule of odds,” using patterns of two or four rectangles to give a more solid feel. The description pages break the grid with a more random and offset pattern. I kept the colors muted in the display and description pages to draw attention more readily to the featured pieces. The hard corners and intersections on the description pages, however, draw enough attention to the design that it is not lost in the composition.
    • Audience: The intended audience is an employer (or in this case, Brother Kerr), in applying either for a design or copywriting position. As such, I have striven for eloquent brevity in the copy text, and have used the proper terms for many of the design principles I employed. I have kept the design professional and simple, but artistic.
    • Top Thing Learned: One of the top techniques I learned in this project was a new method of planning or sketching my design ideas, sketching not so much in actual images, but in words and mind-maps. Another was the effective use of certain masking and layer-blending techniques in Photoshop, which I used to create the page backgrounds.
    • Future application of Visual Media: I will likely use the skills in this class throughout my advertising career. In the short term, I plan to use them in the Soapbox Agency on campus, and even if I end up in a copywriting or account management position, I fully believe that understanding of the concepts, principles, and applications of visual design will enrich and complement my ability to work with creative staff and designers.
    • Color scheme and color names: The scheme is tetradic. The colors used are red, green, yellow, and purple. I’ve noticed this group of colors becoming some of my favorites for design, which is strange, given my difficulty in seeing red.
    • Title Font Name & Category: Perpetua Titling MT, an artistic serif oldstyle font.
    • Copy Font Name & Category: Gothic Sans, a sans-serif font.
    • Thumbnails of Images used:
       Ice Texture Clean Lines Ice Texture Crystals Ice Texture NeedlesIce Texture Solid Ice Texture Scarred Ice Texture Seamless
    • Sources (Links to images on original websites / with title of site):  Psd Graphics
      Deviant Art
      Mart Workshop
      Deviant Art
      Texture Palace



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