Media Observations – Favorites

What is a favorite?

Your first choice, whenever available; the go-to media outlet or program; the set of feelings you get from one specific genre or plot element; all of these could be the definition of a favorite brand of media.

What seems to make a medium the favorite of its users or consumers could be explained with a media theory: Media Selection.

How much energy does it take to get access to? How aggressive or passive a medium is it? How much commitment is required to consume it? How much potential reward does it offer me?

We as human beings automatically consider these things when we make choices concerning what media we will take in as consumers. It’s not usually something we consciously think about, but rather automatically do. Is it convenient and fun? Is it comfort food for the brain? Then we go to it whenever we can.

This can sometimes lead to problems when we go to favorites that require no work for a great perceived reward. Videogame addiction is one example of this, being a medium that promises great personal reward, satisfaction, and entertainment, at little cost in most cases. Thus it is the go-to medium for many young men, who find the things it promises (accomplishment, prestige, recognition, power) attractive.

What is your favorite form or product of the media?


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