The Smart Passive Income Podcast – Pat Flynn

This set of podcasts is really fascinating. Pat Flynn, who makes all of his now-considerable income from what he calls “passive income,” interviews different people and talks on subjects related to making your passive business model work. This is right up a marketer’s alley, because to make this work, you have to use the media at your disposal to market yourself.

Flynn speaks extensively on the value of blogging for generating passive income, talking about the different ways to market your blog and manipulate the different money-making systems available to create an appreciable income.

Some of his tips include how to get yourself featured on other blogs, how to use associate marketing to your advantage, and how to use featured ads on your site effectively.

As a mass medium, blogs are fascinating. I have seen successful blogs that feature not only content for readers, but also content-related merchandise (t-shirts, etc.) that both generate income and promote the blog further. Blogs are among the most flexible text-based media, and they are facilitated entirely by the Internet. Sites like WordPress and Blogger are the most commonly used, and there’s no real limit to what a blog can be used for.

Anyone who wants to can become a capable creator or content producer through effective blogging. That’s the beauty of it. You never run out of options to create more content, as long as you have a passion for what you’re writing about. Flynn’s first advice is to find a subject you are passionate about, and then to write concerning that. For me, for instance, it is easy to write about marketing, advertising, and the media, because those are things I feel strongly about and greatly enjoy.

What would you blog about? Do you think you could ever make money off of a blog of your own creation?


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