What If L’Oréal Advertised Like Dove?

I’ve seen a lot of articles in Advertising Age and other advertising sites and communities about Dove’s newest ad campaign for natural beauty, which is something I am a big fan of. However, sometimes I’ve seen girls take things to the opposite extreme of makeup and grooming habits, and let themselves go intentionally to make a point.

It inspired me to create this ad:


Either extreme is silly in my opinion (which is notably a male opinion, so take whatever grains of salt you feel are necessary), and I really tend to take a middle-ground: sometimes you have to look well-groomed and made up, and sometimes you don’t.

Hanging out with friends? Not so important (unless you’re impressing someone). Job interview? A little more so. Photo shoot? Work that updo, and do your own makeup. In any case, the point is usually to make it look like you’re not wearing any product, and play up your own natural beauty appropriately for the circumstances you’re going into.

That’s the message I’m going for with this fictitious ad for L’Oréal. Do you look good? Sure! The real question is just what occasion you’re going to.

I got the image from another blog, The Rules Revisited.

Typography techniques form the bulk of the hierarchy and direct most of the flow. Other flow elements include the lines of the hair textures used in the bar across the middle, diagonally slanted in the direction of the text.



One thought on “What If L’Oréal Advertised Like Dove?

  1. I tend to agree with your post, except for one thing. If you are going to a photo shoot, it’s always better to have a professional do your hair and makeup. Most of us don’t really have a clue. So, just like your photos, leave it to the professionals to make you look fabulous, but natural.

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