CAD Shipping Radio Ad – Trying My Hand at Writing Effective Copy

CAD Shipping is a (fictitious) company trying to change its image. Their presence in the U.S. is somewhat overshadowed by larger shipping companies, and they’ve gained something of a reputation for inaccuracy and lateness. To remedy these faults, they’ve upgraded their shipping systems and technology to match the performance of their competitors, but the old image remains, especially with regards to 48-hour shipping.

To create a new image for them, I wrote a radio ad detailing the morning habits of the “new wave of CAD Shipping employees.” This ad is designed to show that the employees of CAD Shipping are dedicated to getting packages delivered within 48 hours, and will go to whatever lengths necessary to make that happen. It is designed to appeal to a younger generation, ages 18-35, particularly the hard-working, Internet-savvy, and probably somewhat impatient and busy individuals within those ages. The ad is humorous, but avoids being overtly goofy or silly, and the company remains a faceless corporation, with no specific spokesman with which to label them.

Here’s the ad copy. I’d love to hear what you think in the comments.

Interviewer: (Background: Director: “3-2-1, action!” and other on-set sounds) So, you’re part of the new wave of CAD Shipping employees?

CAD Employee: That’s right!

Interviewer: All right. Tell me a little about how you prepare for work every morning.

CAD Employee: Well, I start out with a cup of “wake-up juice.”

Interviewer: Wake-up juice?

CAD Employee: It’s a blend of orange juice, protein powder, and nitrous oxide.

Interviewer: I see. What else do you do?

CAD Employee: My morning workout.

Interviewer: Which is?

CAD Employee: Pushups, squats, and some tiger-wrestling for cardio.

Interviewer: With live tigers?

CAD Employee: Of course! (tiger roar) If I have time, I throw in a 3-minute mile for good measure.

Interviewer: This seems extravagant. Why do you go to such extremes to get ready?

CAD Employee: I can’t afford not to; I’m the new wave of CAD employees, committed to delivering your packages in 48 hours or less.

Announcer: Does this guy seem extreme? If so, that’s just the dedication of our employees toward 48-hour shipping, available in-store or online at Dependable. Accurate. Fast. CAD Shipping.


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