5 Showcased Video or Television Ads

Here’s the formula: 1 picture = 1000 words. 1 video = about 24 frames per second. 1 30-second TV ad, therefore, is equal to about 720,000 words. That’s some efficient broadcasting.

I’m constantly discovering the impressive things done through visual media, particularly in the form of video ads, whether they’re meant for TV commercials or viral videos. Here are a few whose messages were particularly potent and applicable to their intended audiences.

1. TOSANDO Music

Do you speak Japanese? This ad for piano lessons will likely give you a lump in your throat either way. The message is communicated visually in such an effective way that the words the bride speaks don’t really matter. You know when she’s wondering what her father is up to, when she’s crying from pain and remorse, and when she’s silently encouraging and pleading with her father to finish the song.

2. Castrol Footkhana: Naymar Jr. vs. Ken Block

Cars trying to play soccer sounds like a good way to waste perfectly good soccer balls. Such is not the case here. There’s little or no dialogue in this whole viral ad, and Castrol is only showcased indirectly as being used in the car, but the attention-getting, memory-impacting power of this viral ad is in the eccentricity and celebrity endorsement of it. A car can apparently play goalie and forward, which comes as a surprise, and also crafts an image of Castrol users as absurdly capable drivers.

3. The Bible of Barbeque – Tramontina

This advertising idea comes straight from Brazilian barbeque experts to your…bookshelf. Everything (even the charcoal) that you need to make some excellent barbeque is included in this book, incorporated as pages. This video showcase of it effectively highlights all the most important pages, and shows the imagination and design skill that went into the book itself. There is some spoken script at the beginning, but the visuals, once again, speak for themselves. Unrelatedly, I’m now very hungry.

4. Turkish Airlines – Euroleague Epic Pool Dunk

Perhaps taking a hint from some of the more popular Vine videos, Turkish Airlines has decided to showcase a few of their (presumable) customers, by making one of the most epic pool dunk videos ever. While it is attention-grabbing, and somewhat memorable, it is a stretch to connect an airline with an epic pool dunk. Just the same, the image (and the message it portrays) is one of coordination and skill, as well as a certain professionalism and pride in one’s trade, which are all things an airlines wants to be associated with.

5. Nike Football – Winner Stays

Nike outdid themselves in this soccer-themed advertisement. This ad is meant to show the supposed lifestyle of Nike wearers, and ends up showcasing the quirks and oddities of soccer players as well. Young men playing the sport can identify with the dreams of soccer stardom, as well as the nuances of playing a pick-up game in the neighborhood. Ad to that a number of pop-culture references and an appearance by Nike spokesman Michael Jordan, and you have a golden ad for an 18-28 male audience.



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