What if Dawn Advertised Like AXE?

Dish soap has long appealed to one specific target audience: the housewife, or more recently the housewife on the go.

The problem with this is that brand loyalties run deep in women who have bought their own dish soap for much of their lives. It is difficult, if not impossible to convince a consumer of the validity of your product when, to be honest, the one they currently use works just as well.

In the interest of grabbing a mostly-unexplored corner on the market, I created an ad for Dawn that could market them like AXE or Old Spice have done with shower soaps. The idea is to show the virile masculinity and inherent manliness in doing something simple, like washing the dishes by hand.

I’ve not yet tried my hand at storyboarding in this project, but I’ll have to eventually.

Behold, the script:

The man himself is a great message alone of the simple, peaceful pastime of dishwashing, but the ad serves another purpose as well: rather than abandon the female market entirely, it encourages both men and women to work together, encouraging men to participate and women to buy this product in the hopes that they’ll get some more willing help.

Another feature of this ad is the ease by which it could be converted into a television campaign. By replacing the first subject with other kinds of manly fellows, in other household situations (such as cleaning the bathroom or taking care of facial blemishes)

So what do you think? Would Dawn, marketed like AXE, have an impact on the dish soap consumer market? Would men be into it?


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