Dove – Caress

I wanted to try another beauty product campaign concept, taking the message away from the appearance, and moving it instead to the feel.

There is a saying among the successful that “If you look good, you will feel good.” Dove beauty products are indeed designed to make you look good, but rather than set any aesthetic standards whatsoever, this potential set of ads would focus on the way that Dove products can allow you to feel simply by using them.

This example focuses on human touch. I wanted it to look like a soft, tender caress feels. That’s why I softened the image (taken from Tianna Andrew’s photo blog), focused on the contact between the hands, and added a liquefied word along the woman’s arm. Check it out:


It’s an experiment. A concept like this would lend itself well to a more diversified campaign. Various elements of human touch, as well as other feelings that come from using Dove products, could be evoked as the messages behind these ads. Then, when it come times to buy, the selected audience (mostly women ages 22-40) will be able to remember and once again feel the message as they buy Dove products.


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