Internet Ad Campaign – Small White Mouse

For Small White Mouse, our online campaign has taken on (perhaps more fully) the feel of a Small White Mouse Rebellion, sparked and led by the mouse featured in the video shown in class.
The tools used in the campaign are numerous.
For every $100 a customer spends on the website, they’ll be entered once in a drawing for tickets to the Vans Warp Tour. Smaller future prizes (such as merchandise, or discounts on specific accessories) can be used for less-committal forms of entering the drawing, such as sharing and liking our posts on Facebook, or registering for the site.
Winners can send us a picture of them at the festival that we will post on Instagram, letting them show off their experience and helping us to build a brand image of our company. (Think #SWMrebellion)
Facebook and Twitter will act as our central connecting hubs and advertising platforms for all our promotions and special events, with links to in every post.
On Spotify and Pandora, we plan to use a banner ad and an audio ad. The latter will mimic a song in the musical genre already being listened to, but will then be interrupted by the Small White Mouse, urging listeners to support the Rebellion and play “real music.”
We also plan to start a Small White Mouse station on these sites, featuring songs from the artists featured at Vans Warp Tour to help promote the drawing further.
Guitar picks, featuring the Small White Mouse logo on one side and a QR tag leading to the site’s home page on the other, will be distributed at concerts and other musical events. Performers could throw handfuls of them off the stage and into the audience, or we could airdrop them from gyro-copters.
The final element to the campaign is a live-streaming video feed of well-known or celebrity guitarists in our studio taking requests for cover songs by way of a built-in chatlog. This feed would be featured on the website’s homepage, encouraging visitors to participate by requesting songs while they browse and shop. Performance times would be announced through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
These messages resonate with the baby-boomer/generation X audience by promoting the rock lifestyle of the higher-end performers we’re selling to through a message of real, true music.
The guitar picks are a tangible object that it would almost hurt to throw away, acting similarly to a well-made business card. The audience for Facebook and Twitter is vast and varied, allowing us to communicate through friends and family of the target demographic, as well as through direct online contact with them. Using Instagram allows people the gratification of showing the world their style, and paints Small White Mouse as a brand for the rebel rocker in all of us.
We will measure the effectiveness of the campaign, which centers on getting people to the Small White Mouse website by a variety of means, through a survey within the online checkout process. The survey will consist of a single question: “What led you to our website?” The answers will include Facebook or Twitter promotions, Instagram publicity, QR tags,
Also, they can easily become ongoing or repeating events that make Small White Mouse a staple part of the online music community.
Most social media activity will be to announce promotions and sales, as well as any special events such as the live-streaming performers. The style of promotion, in which more spending equals more entries into drawings to win tickets, promotes the purchase of higher-end merchandise, with those who buy actual guitars gaining many more entries than those who purchase only accessories. Sharing social media posts on your own wall could be used to enter drawings for lesser prizes, such as accessories or memorabilia.
The following links lead to the potential Instagram image styles, as well as ads on

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